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Beginner Pack Includes:

Rico Royal 

Rico Royal reeds are designed for the advancing player. They are French filed for freedom of response, especially in the low register, adding clarity to the tone and making soft attacks easier.  Designed for a wide variety of playing situations, Rico Royal is a high-quality reed for serious saxophone and clarinet players, yet is priced affordably to meet the needs of both professionals and students. They are ideal for the advancing player or for the professional.



Crafted from premium cane for consistent response and playability, La Voz is the choice of professional saxophone and clarinet players. Unfiled for a deep, powerful tone, La Voz is the reed of choice for many of the world's top musicians. 


Frederick L. Hemke reeds provide a darker tone favored by many classical and jazz musicians alike. Hemke reeds are filed, featuring a thinner tip and shorter vamp to give both beginners and seasoned performers a sophisticated tone.

Intermediate Pack Includes:

Reserve by D'Addario

The D'Addario Reserve is a traditional blank clarinet reed engineered for exceptional performance and consistency. Ideal for the advancing student and professional. Expertly designed and made in the USA from naturally-grown cane from D'Addario's own foreign fields.


FROM THE FIELDS TO THE FACTORY : Lupifaro Bb Clarinet Reeds are made of the best raw material available on the market: the special Arundo Donax cane, grown exclusively in Southern France. The peculiar microclimatic conditions of this region actively contribute in giving the plant an extraordinary flexibility and a unique timbre to the finished product
EASY TO PLAY : The result is an extremely reliable and responsive product right out of the box, featuring the lowest discard rate on the market
FILED CUT : The Lupifaro Classic "Filed Cut" Clarinet Reeds are dedicated to classical musicians, but some appreciate them for Jazz too, a "Filed Cut" reed provides a brighter tone and is more free-blowing.
EUROPEAN PRODUCT : designed in Italy and manufactured in France

Vandoren Traditional

Traditional reeds are known for their excellent response in all registers, allowing a pianissimo attack in even highest notes. Extremely flexible, allowing the legato or staccato execution of large intervals while maintaining a richness of tone that gives body and clarity to the sound, which is a hallmark of Vandoren reeds. Every reed sealed in 'Flow Pack' to ensure freshness.

Advanced Pack Includes:


Thicker heel with longer palette for more vibration. Deep, rich sound with body to the attack due to the thicker tip resulting in longer lasting reeds. Every reed sealed in 'Flow Pack' to ensure freshness.


The V21 reed combines the conical shape of a 56 rue Lepic reed with a V.12 profile. This unique combination makes all registers of the clarinet more accessible with warmth and a depth of sound. It will allow you to play with amazing presence and immediate response. V21 is the perfect reed for performances that require the ability to handle large interval leaps efficiently with an even rich tone. Every reed sealed in 'Flow Pack' to ensure freshness.


Launched in 1993 to answer the demand of some American jazz musicians. V16 reeds have a medium-thick heart, with a profile designed for producing a strong attack with a deep, rich sound.