ReedGeek Classic Plaque and Gauge Combo

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The original ReedGeek, like all ReedGeeks, is manufactured

100% from scratch, made of the highest quality USA hard alloy.

The ReedGeek Classic implements our new, medical grade,

corrosion-resistant, edge-retention process. It possesses the

original four crisp planing edges, two rail adjustors, the “pencil

eraser” radius tip and the square back for scraping and profiling

that users have found indispensable. Encased in our

proprietary self-locking neoprene bag and case, this ‘Geek will

give its owner consistently great-playing reeds!

The Plaque Set allows you to quickly and easily determine
mouthpiece facing lengths and gauge the position for most
effective reed adjustment and balancing. The top of the plaque
can also be used to support the reed for general reed working.